explore a world of possibilities? Whether you’re looking for improved typing speed, unique themes, advanced predictive text, or advanced emoticon support, here’s a list of the best keyboard apps for Android to suit every taste and preference.

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1. Gboard

If you are looking for an Android keyboard that supports all aspects, try Gboard Google, which is the first choice of the best Android keyboards. If you have a Pixel phone, Gboard is the default Android keyboard . As a built-in solution, you might think Gboard is a basic keyboard , but it’s not. For starters, it supports a variety of input methods, including regular typing, swiping, handwriting, voice typing, and even Morse code!

In addition, many useful features for your typing needs, including predictive text, clipboard, translation support, autocorrect, custom dictionary, emoji suggestions, multiple languages ​​and layouts, one-handed mode, GIF, stickers and emoticons. It has its own place. You’ll also find features you won’t find anywhere else, like the ability to schedule messages and create custom labels in the Messages app.

If you’re into customization, Gboard lets you customize the size and theme of your keyboard . With so many features at your disposal, you need to adjust various Gboard settings for better typing.

Download:  Gboard (free)

2. Grammarly

Grammarly is another one of the best keyboards for Android. If the name doesn’t already say it all, Grammarly is dedicated to making sure your writing is grammatically correct.

This keyboard uses the company’s exceptional engine to detect and correct spelling, grammar and punctuation errors in real time. As one of the best grammar checking apps for Android, it’s a must if you regularly write official messages and emails on your device.

But Grammarly isn’t just a writing assistant. Also, according to its capabilities, it is one of the best Android keyboards. It gets all the basics right, from predictive typing to custom keyboard sizes, emojis, stickers, gifs, multiple keyboard layouts, and support for multiple languages.

Download:  Grammarly (free in-app purchases available)

3. Microsoft SwiftKey

Microsoft SwiftKey is the third best Android keyboard option. The company’s continuous improvements have made it one of the best Android keyboards. It has multilingual support with more than 700 languages, which ensures that users from all over the world are catered for.

Other basics like autocorrect, predictive typing, size and theme customization, emojis, stickers, and GIFs are all available. However, SwiftKey has several tricks up its sleeve that set it apart.

First, the built-in clipboard has a cloud feature that lets you copy and paste text between your phone and Windows devices. Second, you can create tasks from your keyboard and they’ll be saved in Microsoft’s To-Do app so you can manage them from there. The only catch is that some of these features require logging in.

Download: SwiftKey (Free)

4. Typewise

Unlike the previous keyboards on this list, Typewise, which is the fourth best Android keyboard option, is for those who need a keyboard that has a non-standard layout. Typewise uses a hexagonal layout that makes the keys 70% larger and easier to tap. This is a great option for those who need an Android keyboard with larger keys than the standard QWERTY or QWERTZ layout.

If you master this layout, you should experience fewer typos. But if you want to stick with the regular layout, you have that as an option.

Typewise has gesture support that improves the overall typing experience. For example, swiping up removes capital letters, swiping left, and swiping right restores deleted letters. Autocorrect, multiple layouts and customization (fonts, themes and personal dictionary) are also supported.

Like Gboard and SwiftKey, Typewise learns your writing style to suggest personalized words. The only downside is that some features require paying for the Pro version of the app.

Download: Typewise (free in-app purchases available)

5. Ginger Keyboard

Ginger is the fifth choice of the best Android keyboards, a non-native keyboard that, like Grammarly, boasts its own grammar check. It’s a standard keyboard layout that you’re already familiar with. Ginger supports multiple languages, custom keyboard sizes, gestures, and sliding typing input. It has support for spelling and grammar checking and sentence rewriting, similar to Grammarly.

As you’d expect from any robust Android keyboard, Ginger includes auto-correction, emoticon suggestions, emojis, GIFs, stickers, and lots of themes. Ginger has different themes, but the layout is consistent.

Download:  Ginger (free in-app purchases available)

6. Kika Keyboard

Kika, the sixth best Android keyboard option, is all about customization. If you need a functional Android keyboard  that allows for customization, this is definitely the best option. There are many options to customize the keyboard from background image to text and sound.

The theme gallery contains many wallpapers categorized for easy search, such as fruit, anime, 3D, neon, movies and more, which are updated regularly. You only need to reinvent the wheel if you need something custom because this app offers a variety of ready-made themes that you can use.

Apart from focusing on aesthetics, Kika includes auto-correction, voice input, gesture typing, smart predictions, built-in emojis, stickers and a wide range of languages.

Download: Kika Keyboard   (free in-app purchases available)

7. Big Font Keyboard

Big Font Keyboard, which is the ultimate choice of the best Android keyboards, is specially made for seniors. As such, it mainly revolves around accessibility to typing for seniors and allows you to increase the size and font of the keyboard . This app comes with the ability to increase the text size on your Android device.

Overall, as a large font keyboard it lacks all the features you find in other keyboard apps . For example, there is no autocorrect, so your grammar skills must be strong. Word suggestions aren’t available either, but you do get emoticons, emoticons, and Kaomoji. However, if you want to make your Android device suitable for seniors, we recommend it.

Download: Big Font Keyboard  (free in-app purchases available)

Choosing the best Android keyboard for your needs

We’ve highlighted seven of our favorite Android keyboards, each with unique functionality. Gboard tops our list, but you may prefer other options depending on your needs and preferences.

For some, Big Font may be best because of its senior-friendly focus, or Kika because of its aesthetics. Since there is no one-size-fits-all option, the best way is to try different options and see what works best for you.