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Who has checked our Whatsapp profile viewed my Whatsapp May 2023



who checked my whatsapp , who viewed my whatsapp profile

WhatsApp status, how to know that our WhatsApp is being checked? Who has checked my WhatsApp? How do we know who has secretly checked our WhatsApp or seen my WhatsApp? In the following, we will introduce Android and iOS applications for iPhone so that you can see the people who have visited your profile or status on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has been under the control of Facebook since 2014. This messenger is currently considered the best and most popular in the world, and of course, it uses better security systems than before. Of course, sometimes your photos and videos may be deleted on this program, which you can restore with WhatsApp account recovery.

WhatsApp has yet to officially introduce a way to find out who has checked our WhatsApp profile, but there are alternative ways to check this on Android and iPhone iOS phones. Of course, you may have the following questions in mind, which we will examine at the end of the article:

  • Who secretly checks our WhatsApp status?
  • Who checks our WhatsApp status?
  • Who has seen my WhatsApp profile?
  • How to find out who has seen our WhatsApp story?
  • How to find out how many times someone has seen our WhatsApp story?

Who has secretly checked our Whatsapp profile and seen my Whatsapp status

Who Viewed me application? Who viewed my WhatsApp?

who viewed my whatsapp

The who viewed me application is made for this so that you can find out who has visited your profile on WhatsApp or seen your status and profile. This application was previously available in the Google Play Store, but now you can download and install it with a direct link, but how do we know that our WhatsApp is being checked?

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Once you have downloaded and installed this application, perform the following steps so that you can go through the visit process:

  • First, download the application from the link below and install it
    Your Android phone may ask you to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources so that you can install this app.
    When the application is installed, click on the scan option.
  • At this stage, you have to wait a few seconds or a few minutes for it to check all your contacts and show who has checked your WhatsApp profile.
  • You can also read the second WhatsApp installation article to install two WhatsApps on your phone and also read this article to restore old WhatsApp files.
  • This application is free and runs on most Android phones, and you can easily find out who has checked our WhatsApp.

Download the application who viewed my WhatsApp profile

How do we know that our WhatsApp status is being checked? iPhone phones

Who has checked our WhatsApp?

For this, you need to install the Wrevealer application on iPhone phones to see everyone who has checked your WhatsApp. This application is only available for iPhone and iOS operating systems.

Of course, you have to pay to use this application, but before that, you can use it for free for a few days.
How to use WRevealer on iPhone

  • First, install the application on the phone.
  • Open the app and create an account with your desired name and password
  • Then go to WhatsApp and do the Whatsapp->contacts->refresh step
  • Go back to WRevealer and touch the Search option.
  • It will take a few minutes for the list of people who have checked your WhatsApp to be displayed.

Download WRevealer

How to manage WhatsApp on the laptop?

Suppose you are looking for a versatile application to manage your WhatsApp, download and install Jihosoft’s application for Windows and Mac. This application allows you to be back up your WhatsApp information, recover deleted messages or files, or transfer data from it to the system.

Download the Jihosoft application for Windows For Mac\

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A million dollar prize for the best AI control ideas




A million dollar prize for the best AI control ideas

A million dollar prize for the best AI control ideas. OpenAI, the creator of the ChatGPT artificial intelligence bot, has announced that it plans to award 10 $100,000 prizes to the best ideas on how to set up and control artificial intelligence.

A million dollar prize for the best AI control ideas

AI development company OpenAI, the startup that created the popular AI chatbot ChatGPT, has just announced that it will award 10 $100,000 grants from a $1 million fund for experiments in democratic processes to determine how AI software should To control for bias and other factors.

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According to the company, the $100,000 prizes will be awarded to those who develop compelling frameworks for answering questions such as whether artificial intelligence should criticize public figures and who should be considered an “average person” in the world. , present.

This comes in light of the debate over whether AI systems like ChatGPT may have internal biases due to the data they’re trained on (not to mention input from human programmers behind the scenes). Reports have shown instances of discriminatory or biased results produced by AI technology. There is a growing concern that artificial intelligence when working alongside search engines like Google and Bing, may reliably generate misleading information.

AI systems like ChatGPT have inherent biases because of the input used to shape their views, critics say. Users have found examples of racist or sexist output from AI software.

In general, there are growing concerns that artificial intelligence, along with search engines such as Google and Bing, may convincingly generate false information.

Backed by $10 billion from Microsoft, OpenAI is now leading the call for regulation of artificial intelligence. However, it has recently threatened to leave the EU over proposed legislation.

Sam Altman, chief executive of OpenAI, told Reuters: “The current draft of the EU’s AI law would be too regulatory (restrictive), but we’ve heard that the law is being withdrawn.

” Of course, the financial contributions of this startup do not help much in this field of artificial intelligence research, because the salaries of artificial intelligence engineers and other people in this field easily exceed $100,000 and can be more than $300,000.

OpenAI says: AI systems should benefit all humanity and be designed to be as inclusive as possible. We are launching this grant program to take the first step in this direction.

The San Francisco-based startup said the results of the funding could shape its view on AI governance, though no recommendations would be binding.

Altman is one of the leading figures calling for AI regulation, while also offering new updates to ChatGPT and the image-generating AI known as DALL-E. Appearing before a US Senate committee this month, he said that if the technology goes wrong, it could be completely derailed. If something goes wrong, the consequences can be significant.

Microsoft has also recently approved comprehensive regulations for artificial intelligence. While promising to incorporate this technology into its own products, it is competing with OpenAI, Google, and startups to bring AI to consumers and businesses.

Almost all sectors are interested in AI’s potential to improve efficiency and reduce labor costs, albeit with concerns that AI can spread false or fake information in what they call “illusions.

” Artificial intelligence is currently behind several fake news and images that are widely believed by the general public. One of the recent fake images of an explosion near the Pentagon briefly affected the US stock market.

Despite calls for more regulation, the U.S. Congress has so far failed to pass new legislation to meaningfully limit this big technology.

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The best brain multiplayer games for Android 2023




best brain games android 2023
The best brain multiplayer games for Android 2023 with direct download links for all Android phones in June 2023, in the following we see 15 of the best intellectual multiplayer games for Android, puzzle and solving games.

The best puzzle multiplayer games for Android 2023 with direct download links

Challenge your friends to a battle of wits to see who is the smartest with these  free multiplayer games!

The best brain games for Android

No matter how old you are, or how smart you think you are, it’s important to exercise your brain regularly. Fortunately, there are many fun ways to do this. One of them is playing multiplayer mind games with your friends.

These mobile games test your brain’s gray matter and allow you to demonstrate your knowledge and skills to anyone willing to play with you. So, can you beat your friends in one of these amazing multiplayer brain games? All of them are free to play.

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1. Maze King

The best brain games for Android

Best multiplayer brain games for Android: Mazes can make a great brain exercise game, and the bigger the maze, the more challenging it is. Maze King is a great game to show off your solving skills against others. Play in Stage Mode to enjoy the game, then switch to Multiplayer mode to face off against a friend.

You can invite your friends with a tap that sends the game link via SMS. Or you can compete with a random player if you want.

Download link:  Maze King   for  Android iOS

2. Chess Time

The best brain games for Android

The best multiplayer brain games for Android: Chess Time is a great mobile option to play with friends around the world. The game offers different background colors to choose from, leaderboards by country and ranking, and a timer to see how long the challenge lasts. You can also enable options like quick chat keyboard, coordinate display and valid movement color.

Connecting with friends is easy: if you know a player’s username, you can look it up or send them an invite via email or SMS.

Download link: Chess Time  for  Android iOS

3. Chess With Friends Free

The best brain games for Android

Best Multiplayer Brain Games for Android: If you prefer to face your Facebook friends in a game of chess, Chess With Friends Free is the way to go. Search for a friend or find a player by username. You can enable chat notifications, make yourself available to other players, and make yourself visible on leaderboards.

Chat while playing or just focus on the game. You can also discover a new opponent and view the leaderboard for the month.

Download link: Chess With Friends Free for Android  | iOS

4. Skillz – Logical Brain

The best brain games for Android

The best multiplayer brain games for Android: Skillz _ Logical Brain  is a great way to train your brain. This app has a variety of brain teasers that you can choose from or you can play a random game.

After logging into Google (on Android), start level one by choosing a friend. Then, show off your skills in puzzles and challenges that test your memory, reflexes, accuracy and speed.

You can write a message to other players who are waiting for the game in the rooms and see where you stand on the leaderboard.

Download link: Skillz – Logical Brain  for  Android iOS

5. QuizUp

The best brain games for Android

Best Multiplayer Brain Games for Android: QuizUp is a fun trivia game with a wide variety of topics. You can choose from business, education, history and science. Or see who knows more about sports, games, TV and music. The trick is to answer quickly and correctly in a round of questions. Level up as you destroy your friends in this battle of wits.

You can easily connect using Facebook and then search for friends who have installed the game. After you’ve played a round, hit the chat button to gloat to your friends about how you beat them.

Download link:  QuizUp  for Android iOS

6. Trivia Crack

The best brain games for Android

Best Multiplayer Trivia Games for Android: The original Trivia Crack is still available and still blasting. Your goal is to collect one character for each of six categories: Art, History, Science, Sports, Geography, and Entertainment. To do this, keep answering the questions correctly about the category you hit when you spin the wheel.

Log in to Facebook to play with your friends or connect to Twitter to invite others. Trivia Crack is a turn-based game, so you can take your turn when you have time. You can also chat in the game and share your level achievements to keep your victories.

Download link: Trivia Crack for  Android  | iOS

7. Trivia Crack Kingdoms

The best brain games for Android


Best Multiplayer Trivia Games for Android: If you enjoyed the first Trivia Crack game, check out Trivia Crack Kingdoms. Find out who’s really in the trivia realm in a battle royale with your friends.

Choose a channel topic such as sports, world history, food and drink, movies or TV shows. Then you get crowns when you answer correctly, and you try to collect them all before your opponent does.

You can challenge your friends by connecting to Facebook. Plus, Trivia Crack Kingdoms offers an in-app chat for a little trash talk.

Download link: Trivia Crack Kingdoms for Android  | iOS

8. Words With Friends

The best brain games for Android

The best multiplayer intellectual games for Android: The game Words With Friends has been popular all over the world for years. But if you’ve never tried it and you enjoy word games, then you should check it out. The gameplay is similar to Scrabble where you create words with the letters you are given. Words must be connected on the game board, and longer words and letters with higher point values ​​help you score more points.

Like Chess With Friends Free and developed by the same company, Words lets you play against your Facebook friends. Chat during the game, take turns when you have a minute to spare and show off your clever skills with high-scoring words.

Download link: Words With Friends for  Android  | iOS

9. Word Chums

The best brain games for Android


The best multiplayer brain games for Android: Try your skills in Word Chums for a Words With Friends style game with cute characters. With the same kind of gameplay as Scrabble, a colorful interface and a fun experience, creating words for high scores is really fun. Word Chums also offers power-ups to replace all your letters and get high-scoring hints.

You can play against Facebook friends, other Word Chums players, or someone in your contact list. The game has an in-app chat that allows you to talk to each other during the match.

Download link: Word Chums   for  Android iOS

10. Pictoword

The best brain games for Android

Best Multiplayer Brain Games for Android: For a variety of word game battles, Pictoword is a picture-based challenge. The concept is simple. You see two pictures that combine to form a word. You just have to figure out what the word is by the number of letter spaces provided.

Unlike the other games on this list, Pictoword lets you create a “family” to play with. You’ll have to work your way through the levels first, but it’s great practice. Then create your group, invite members and chat during a break.

Download link: Pictoword   for  Android iOS

The best brain games for Android

The best multiplayer intellectual games for Android: Another intellectual game that you can play with your friends  is Infinite Word Search  . The game is played in the same classic style of word search puzzles that you have seen everywhere. But Infinite Word Search lets you choose the theme of your puzzle with options like animals, countries, fashion and many more.

If you think your word search skills are better than your Facebook friends, connect and play a friend. See who can find the fastest words in real-time gameplay. This adds a bit of a challenge to the gameplay, especially if you’re both looking for the same word at the same time.

Download link: Infinite Word Search   for  Android iOS

These  multiplayer mind games are a lot of fun

It’s natural  to love a game you’re good at. This is even better if you often outplay or simply outdo your friends. With these games you can improve your skills and prove that you are the smartest among your friends. So, let the clever battle of wits begin! You might even want to try some free online cognitive tests.


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How to find out who has saved our number with what name




who saved our number
How can we find out who has saved our number (WhatsApp and Telegram) and has saved it? Who has my number? Our name on other people’s phones, iPhone, iOS and Android. With what name is my number saved in WhatsApp, Telegram or the phone of my contacts or friends or other people who have the number?

There are many interesting ways to find out if a certain person has saved our number in their phone. Or who has saved our number. Many times we may like to know if our friends have really saved our number in their phone or not! Or they just lie to us!

Of course, if we can figure this out, we will no longer be spammed or blocked on Telegram or WhatsApp, and at least we will send messages to people who only have our number saved in their phone.

Stay with us to find out who has saved our number or who has saved our number in their phone as a contact and what is our name in other people’s phone or what name we are saved with. However, you may also want to ask the following questions, which we will answer at the end:

  • How to find out who saved our number?
  • What saved my name in WhatsApp?
  • How do we know that the party has saved our number?
  • In what name was I saved?
  • Who saved my number ?
  • Who has saved our number on WhatsApp?
  • Who has saved our number in Telegram?
  • Who has my number?

How to find out who has saved our number under what name (WhatsApp and Telegram)

Is it possible to find out under which name our friends have saved our number?

Unfortunately, there is still no way to easily understand this problem, because one of the privacy of people is their contact list, so there is no application and no way to know with which name we were saved in the contacts of friends or not. Of course, an Android application to find out under which name we are saved on other people’s phones or what our name is on other people’s phones was released in 2021, which you can download from below:

ME application, my name in other people’s phone

The ME app is the best caller ID and spam protection for your Android! In addition, ME is a social network for your contacts, a place where you can connect with old friends and colleagues. From now on, you will always know what people really think about you

The app is the only app in the world where you can see who has saved your number in their contacts and it shows exactly who saved you under what name!

The best call app that shows what name you’re saved on someone else’s phone, this app is the best in the market with a powerful dialer that supports reverse number search, easy contact with your favorites, and a simple visual color call log. he does. It’s time to elevate communication and take communication to a whole new level.

Features of the ME application

  • My Smart Caller ID – Bubble support
  • With billions of numbers identified, ME is the best and only caller ID you’ll ever need.
  • Smart Caller ID
  • Best result for callers, get the real name of the caller.
  • Send email, text and more during whatsapp call
  • Alerts against robocalls, spam, scam callers in real time.
  • Watch your distance when your close friend calls you.
  • Activate flash on incoming calls.
  • Our caller ID can speak and say the caller’s name out loud!
  • Read user reviews about the caller



Our name on other people’s phone in WhatsApp and Telegram

If you are looking for an answer to this question, the best way is to use the broadcast option in WhatsApp.

Using this method, you can only send messages to people who have saved you in their contact list, so you will know exactly who has saved your number in their phone or not.

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In this way, you send a message to 2 or more of your contacts and you will find out which of them has saved your number and which of them does not have you in their contacts.

Of course, before starting, you should keep in mind that both you and your contact must have a WhatsApp account.

Who has saved our number: Android phones

Who has saved our number?

  • First, enter WhatsApp
  • Click or touch the three dots option at the top right of the screen
  • Select the New broadcast option
  • Select each person you want to see if they have you saved in their contacts and touch the green tick
  • A new page will open, write any message you like then send it
  • When the message is sent, hold your finger on the message until it is selected, then click or touch the three dots at the top and select info.
  • In this section, a new page will open that has delivered and read options.
  • If the name of the person you wanted to see if he has saved your number or not was not in the delivered list, it means that person has not saved your number in his phone.
  • Otherwise, you are saved for other people for whom the message was placed in the delivered list! You can easily find out who has saved our number on Android phones.
  • Remember to consider 2 people and one person is the person who you know for sure has saved you in his phone and the second person is the person who you want to see if he has saved you or not.

Who has saved our number: iPhone phones

  • Open the WhatsApp application on the iPhone.
  • In the upper right part, click or touch the Broadcast list option.
  • A new page will open where you can select the new list option in this section.
  • Select each person you want to know if they have saved your number or not and then select the create option.
  • Write your message and send. Once it’s sent, touch and hold it, then touch the triangle-like option that appears and tap info.
  • In this section, you can see that the delivered and read options are enabled and who read this message and for which person the message was failed. If the name of the person you put in the broadcast list was not in the delivered section, that means that person did not save you in their contacts, with this method you can find out on iPhone who has saved our number.

Who has saved our number?

Is it possible to find out who saved our number without WhatsApp?

Of course, there are many applications for this, but none of them are approved and we do not recommend them either, because they may send all your contact numbers to third-party servers in the background and steal your information.


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