The last method of typing on Android is the handwriting method. Thanks to Gboard, you can even type with your own handwriting on Android. To enable the mode, you need to follow the same process as above to enable Morse code.

Go to  Settings > System > Languages ​​& input > On-screen keyboard > Gboard . Then tap Languages , select your current language, and slide down the list to see Handwriting . Select it, then  tap Done .

To use this input method, select Gboard and tap the globe icon to enter handwriting mode. In the panel, you can write individual characters or draw the whole word. Additionally, this feature also supports italics if you want to use it.

However, handwriting with your fingers can be tedious. For a great typing experience, you should use a stylus on your smartphone instead.

Type in different ways on your Android phone

There are different ways to type on Android. Some may be difficult to do, such as Morse code, while others are easier, such as voice typing. The good thing is that you don’t have to be limited to one method. You can start typing whichever way is easier.