The good news is that it is possible to use FaceTime on Android. However, you can only participate in FaceTime calls through invitation links created by Apple users. This means that you cannot initiate a FaceTime call or use FaceTime without an invite link on Android. But once you have a link, you can FaceTime on Android to iPhone. Let’s see how to do this.

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How FaceTime works on Android

In the first part of how to use FaceTime on Android, we will check how FaceTime works on Android. As mentioned earlier, you can’t download the FaceTime app on your Android device, but you can FaceTime with your friends who have an iPhone, iPad, or Mac via invite links.

If you want to chat via FaceTime, you’ll need to ask a friend with an iOS/iPadOS or macOS device to generate and send you the invite link. Also, since it works over the web, you need to install a supported browser like Chrome.

FaceTime offers features like SharePlay and numerous controls like hide/show video, mute, switch between cameras, and grid layout. However, some of these options are not accessible for Android users.

The limitations shouldn’t bother you as the available features are enough to help you connect with your iOS friends and have a good chatting experience using FaceTime between iPhone and Android phones, including Samsung Galaxy devices.

As it runs in a web browser, it means you can use FaceTime on a Windows PC too .

How to join a FaceTime call on Android

In the second part of how to use FaceTime on Android, we will examine how to join a FaceTime call on Android. To join a FaceTime call on your Android device, you must have an invite link from your friend using their iOS device. They can send the link through a preferred messaging app as long as it appears in their share menu. See below if they need help making links.

You can only open FaceTime in Chrome , so download it if you don’t already have it. After receiving the link, follow the simple steps below to join the call:

  1. Get started by tapping on the link sent to you. It will take you to your default browser, which should be Chrome. If not, you can manually copy and paste the link into a new tab in Chrome to open it.
    FaceTime link shared via email
  2. When the link is opened, a blank space will appear in which a prompt to enter your name will appear. Type your name in the box and tap Continue . Chrome will ask you to give FaceTime access to your camera and microphone. Select Allow . After that, your camera should open.
    FaceTime Enter your name page in the Android browser
  3. Then a page with a green Join button will appear. Select Join , then the Apple user will receive a join request. They must accept the Join request to successfully join the call.
  4. With this, you have successfully joined the call. You’ll see a toolbar with several control options, including a full screen button, a mute button, a video show/hide button, a front/rear camera button, a left button, and more.
    Options buttons to control FaceTime on Android
  5. A user with an iPhone, iPad, or Mac will have more control options and features than you, but what you have is enough for a comprehensive FaceTime call.
  6. When your call is over, tap the screen to make the toolbar reappear. Select Leave to leave the call . As an Android user, you cannot end the call.

Accessing FaceTime through a browser cannot be compared to the ease of use of the app. However, the quality is still at a high level and it is a good solution for connecting Android and Apple users via FaceTime.

In this part of how to use FaceTime on Android, we will examine how to create a FaceTime link on iPhone. Creating a FaceTime invite link on iOS devices is a simple process. This invite link is the only key to access FaceTime on your Android device. So, warn your iOS friend in advance and ask them to create and share the link for a FaceTime meeting with you.

The only requirement to access this feature is to run iOS/iPadOS 15 or later. If you know your version of iOS meets these requirements, it’s fine to do so. On Mac, the minimum version required is 12.

If you’re an Apple user, create an invite link in the FaceTime app by following these steps:

  1. On your iPhone, find the FaceTime app from your home screen and launch it. If this is your first time using FaceTime, create a new Apple ID . If you are already registered, log in to become a member.
  2. Once the app opens, tap the Create Link button to create an invite link in the conversation browser. You can name the link if you want, but it is not required.
    Button to create FaceTime link on iPhone
  3. You’ve now created an invite link, which you can find in the Upcoming section of the app.
  4. After finding the location of the generated link, press the Info (i) button next to the link and you will be presented with options such as FaceTime , Share Link and Delete Link .
    FaceTime share and delete link buttons
  5. To share the link with an Android friend, tap the Share Link button. Select the person you want to share the link with from the row above, or you can send the link via messaging apps like Messages, Twitter, Email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or any other supported messaging app.
    Share FaceTime to Android link
  6. The person who created the link can remove it and it won’t open after the other person taps it.
    Facetime delete link dialog box

After sharing the link, tap it to join the call and wait for the Android user to send the request to join. If the call is in a group with other FaceTime users, they can also accept or decline join requests as long as they’ve been in the call for at least 30 seconds.

Using the above steps will create an instant FaceTime link. However, you can schedule the FaceTime call for later if you prefer.

How to use FaceTime between iPhone and Android

In this part of how to use FaceTime on Android, we will discuss how to use FaceTime between iPhone and Android. If you’ve been wondering how to video chat with friends who have Apple devices, now you know how. You can now join FaceTime from your Android phone or tablet. With the FaceTime invite link and Chrome as the supporting browser, you can easily access FaceTime.

The good news is that it’s easy to create a link on all iOS devices, so your friends will welcome you when you create a link.