The desktop version of Google Chrome supports extensions that help improve your productivity and web browsing experience. Unfortunately, Google Chrome users on Android don’t experience the same behavior. This is because Google does not provide a way to add Chrome extensions to its mobile browser.

But there are several solutions for this. An easy way is to use a non-native Chromium-based browser, such as Kiwi or Yandex Browser. In this guide, we examine how to use Google Chrome extensions on Android.

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How to add Chrome extensions on Android using Kiwi browser

Kiwi Browser is a web browser application that supports Chrome extensions on mobile phones. The browser installs quickly and loads quickly. In this part of how to use Google Chrome extensions on Android, the steps to add Chrome extensions on Android using the Kiwi browser are given.

  1. Download Kiwi browser for free from Play Store.
  2. Make sure it is the latest version. Otherwise, download the latest version of the app. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to sideload apps on Android .
  3. Start the browser. Tap the three dots in the upper right corner and select Extensions.
  4. Turn on the toggle button in the upper right corner to  enable Developer Mode.
  5. Now enter in the URL bar to access the Chrome Web Store on mobile.
  6. Browse the Chrome Web Store to find the extension you want to add. Alternatively, search for a specific extension by entering its name in the Chrome Web Store search box.
  7. Once you find the extension, tap on it and  select Add to Chrome. A message will appear asking if you want to confirm your selection. Click OK and wait for the plugin to be installed.
How to use Google Chrome extensions on Android