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How to increase the security of Instagram?



To protect privacy and security on Instagram, securing your account is one of the most important things to do after creating an Instagram account.

How to increase the security of Instagram?

Instagram is a great way to share photos and videos with friends, family, and others. Along with all the advantages and attractions that Instagram offers, if you cannot maintain your privacy and ensure the security of your user account, this space can bring you risks in the field of privacy and security.

Table of Contents
  • How to prevent your Instagram account from being hacked?
  • Make your Instagram account private
  • Choose a strong password
  • Add email or phone number to Instagram account
  • Enable two-step authentication
  • Other security tips
  • How to recover a hacked Instagram account
  • Check your email account
  • Request login link from Instagram
  • Request a security code or Instagram support
  • Account recovery through video selfie authentication
  • More tips on authentication
  • Reclaim an account you still have access to
  • Instagram page security cost

The issue of security and privacy is related to the way people use social networks and their knowledge. Users should increase their knowledge in this field; Because the security of cyberspace should not be ignored under any pretext or entrusted to the hands of people who, using the same minimal knowledge and tips that social networks themselves warn users to increase the security of their users accounts, make themselves experts in providing page security and responsible for page security. They introduce Instagram.

If you are one of those users who do not pay much attention to the methods of securing the user account, we recommend you read and follow the tips mentioned in this article.

How to prevent your Instagram account from being hacked?

Some of the tips mentioned in the context of ways to prevent Instagram account hacking, while simple, can be significantly effective, but we must not forget that as long as we do not follow the basic principles of security in the use of smart tools, at any time And we are at risk of being hacked.

In fact, the incident that is often heard under the title of “hacking” these days, happens in many cases due to the failure to follow these tips and the attacker does not do anything extraordinary. For example, in an article from Zomit, we said that 60% of people use the same password in several accounts or settle for simple passwords such as date of birth and 123456 and this category of basic and predictable passwords.

Fortunately, protecting your Instagram account is not a difficult task, and by following a few simple tips, you can safely continue using this social media. After getting familiar with the steps of creating an account on Instagram and personalizing the Instagram page, now it is time for the most important step of creating an account, i.e. securing it.

Make your Instagram account private

Personalizing the Instagram account is one of the important factors in maintaining security, especially for those who want to share their personal life with a certain group of acquaintances.

Screenshot from Instagram
Screenshot from Instagram
Screenshot from Instagram

If you want your Instagram account to be a private account that only certain people with your approval can see its content, you need to tap on the settings icon in the upper right corner of your profile page, touch the Settings and Privacy option, and click on the Account Privacy option. tap Then on the next page, activate the Private account option.

you can read more at Make Instagram account private.

Choose a strong password

The most basic step to secure your account is to choose a long and strong password.

A strong password consists of at least six numbers, upper and lower case English letters, and various characters (*, !, and others) arranged in no order. To avoid forgetting passwords, you can use the password management app.

Note that the password you choose must be different from the other passwords you use on your other accounts. Thus, if someone manages to access the password of one of your accounts, they cannot take control of your other accounts.

To change the current Instagram password, go to the Accounts Center section from the settings, select Password and Security, and finally set a new password for yourself by going to the Change password section.

Screenshot from Instagram
Screenshot from Instagram
Screenshot from Instagram
Screenshot from Instagram

In order to maintain and increase the security of its users, Instagram advises them to change their passwords regularly. Changing your password is especially necessary when you see a message from Instagram asking you to do so. Instagram sometimes recovers login information stolen from other sites during automated security checks and notifies you if it detects that your password may have been stolen.

In the event that Instagram sends you a message to change your password, changing your password will help keep your account secure and prevent hacking in the future. Also, make sure you never share your password with someone you don’t know or trust.

Add email or phone number to Instagram account

If you have created your account with your phone number, it is better to introduce an email to Instagram so that you will face fewer problems when entering the program or when you forget your password. Also, if you created your account using email, add a phone number to it.

For better control over your Instagram account and for others to find you more easily, it is better to fill in both email and phone number sections on the personal information page.

To add an email or phone number to your Instagram account, on your profile page, tap the settings icon in the upper right corner and select Settings and Privacy. In the settings menu, select the Accounts Center option, then enter the Personal details section.

Screenshot from Instagram
Screenshot from Instagram
Screenshot from Instagram
Screenshot from Instagram

On the Personal details page, by touching the Contact info option, you can add your mobile phone number or email to your personal profile. After adding each one, you need to enter the verification code that Instagram sends to your mobile number or email.

Enable two-step authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is considered one of the best ways to keep your Instagram account secure. Two-step authentication is the process by which your identity is verified when you log into your Instagram account. This feature is now available on almost all social media platforms.

By activating 2FA, every time you log into your Instagram account with a new device, a text message containing an authentication code will be sent to you, which you must type in to log into your account; So, if someone can’t access this sent code, they won’t be able to hack your account. Follow the steps below to enable 2FA:

  • On your profile page, tap the icon in the upper right corner. Select Settings and Privacy and then Accounts Center.
  • In the next step, touch the Password and Security option and then the Two-Factor Authentication option.
Screenshot from Instagram
Screenshot from Instagram
Screenshot from Instagram
Screenshot from Instagram
  • Then select your account and tap the blue Get Started button to enter the security method selection screen, which specifies how the security code will be sent to you. On this page, you will have three options:
Enable Instagram two-step authentication

1. Authentication App: In this method, one-time passwords for entering Instagram are generated with encryption programs. Several programs have been developed to generate one-time passwords, including Google Authenticator, Duo Mobile, and Microsoft Authenticator. You must first install one of these programs and then add a unique code that is unique to your account and generated by Instagram in these programs. Then, when Instagram asks for a one-time password, go to these programs and enter the generated password in Instagram, which we have taught how to use.

2. WhatsApp: Using this method, you can get one-time passwords through your WhatsApp account. All you have to do is enter the number with which you have registered on WhatsApp and after receiving the verification code, from now on you will receive one-time passwords as a private message on WhatsApp.

3. Text Message: The easiest and most common way to receive one-time passwords. Using this method, you can use any desired number to activate two-step authentication. You only have to confirm your desired mobile number once and from now on receive one-time password SMS messages through it; But sometimes SMS may not be sent or may be sent with a long delay due to operator malfunctions. We recommend that you use the Authentication App instead of the Text Message method.

How to activate two-step authentication through Authentication App

Many programs such as Microsoft Authenticator can improve the security of your accounts by generating one-time passwords, which we teach in this article how to use the Google Authenticator program. First, you need to download it through the buttons below for Android and iOS.

Download Google Authenticator for Android
Download Google Authenticator for iOS
  • After activating the Two-Factor Authentication option on the same page, tap on the Authentication App option.
  • Copy the code in the middle of the page and tap Next. In the next step, you need to enter the code in the Google Authenticator program and enter the code generated by the program in the specified place.
Screenshot from Instagram
Screenshot from Instagram
Screenshot from Instagram
  • Next, enter the copied code in the Google Authenticator program from the Enter a Setup Key section in the Your Key section. In the Account name field, write Instagram and set the type of password (Type of key) according to time (Time-based) and add it by selecting Add.
Enable Instagram's two-step verification
  • Then enter the generated one-time code on the page that Instagram asks for (in the previous photo we marked it with a red arrow) and tap Next.
  • Now, the two-step authentication system is activated for you. In the end, Instagram will give you some recovery codes so that whenever you don’t have access to your mobile phone, you can use these codes to log into your account.

It is better to save the codes in a safe place and somewhere other than the current phone. Each code can be used once, if you use all the codes or suspect that they have been stolen, you can easily get new codes.

Note that in the Authentication App method, as long as the two-step verification of your account is active, you must have the app in question installed on your phone and not delete it. The validity of one-time passwords can be defined in terms of time or in terms of the number of times of use. Be sure to enable the backup option in the Authenticator application.

In general, we recommend that you use the above method for two-step verification; Because these codes are generated directly by encryption programs and are more secure in terms of security. In the other two methods, one-time codes are generated and sent to you remotely through another system.

you can read more at how to enable instagram two-factor authentication

Other security tips

In order to keep its users safe, Instagram has shared tips with them that you can read below.

  • Third-party applications

It is very common to use third-party apps that offer features such as photo editor apps, profile analyzers, and follower counts. Usually, by installing and using these apps, they gain access to your private profile information. To protect your privacy and security, we recommend that you only grant access to apps provided by reputable developers. Think carefully before granting access to third-party apps.

  • Use of public devices

To keep your Instagram account secure, log out of your Instagram account after using a computer or phone that you share with others. When logging into Instagram with a public computer, do not check the Remember me box ; Because with this, even after closing the window, the browser will keep you in your account.

  • Turn off location-sharing

Sharing location is not a wise idea. When others can see your current location, they can access your location, especially in sensitive situations like home or work. This can lead to identity theft by violating your privacy. If you’ve already shared your location, review it and remove all your previous geotags from your photos.

  • Ensuring the security of the email with which you entered Instagram

Since your Instagram account and many of your important accounts are connected to your email account, if someone gets access to your email, they can also access all your other accounts. So, change the passwords of your email accounts and make sure that none of them are the same.

How to recover a hacked Instagram account

If you believe your account has been hacked, there are several steps you can take to secure your account.

Check your email account

If you received an email from notifying you that your email address has changed, you may be able to undo the change by selecting revert this change in the message. If additional information has also changed (eg password) and you can’t change your email address again, request a login link or security code from Instagram.

Request login link from Instagram

To help Instagram verify your ownership of the account, you can request that it send a login link to your email address or phone number. To request a login link:

  • On the login screen, tap Get help logging in for Android and ? Forgotten password for iPhone.
  • Enter the username, email address, or phone number associated with your account, then tap Next.

If you do not have access to the username, email address, or phone number associated with your account, enter the login information you used most recently; Then tap on Can’t reset your password under the Next button and follow the instructions on the screen.

  • Choose your email address or phone number, then tap Next.
  • Click on the login link in your email or SMS and follow the instructions on the screen.
Request login link from Instagram

Request a security code or Instagram support

If you can’t recover your account with the login link that was sent to you, you may be able to request support from Instagram.

Request a security code or Instagram support

Request support for Instagram on Android

  • On the login page, under Log in, tap Get help logging in.
  • Enter the username, email address, or phone number associated with your account, then tap? Need more help? Keep in mind that if you have more than one Instagram account, you may need to select the account you’re having trouble logging into first, then follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Select your email address or phone number, then tap Send security code.
  • If you don’t receive the security code, tap I can’t access this email address or phone number under Send security code, then follow the on-screen instructions.

Instagram support request on iPhone

  • From the login link page, click on? Need more help under the Send login link . Select your email address or phone number, then tap Send security code.
  • If you don’t receive a security code, tap I can’t access this email address or phone number under Send security code, then follow the onscreen instructions.

Make sure you enter a secure email address that only you have access to. Once you have submitted your request, you should receive an email from Instagram.

Account recovery through video selfie authentication

  • Open the Instagram app and tap Get help logging in.
  • Enter your username email ID or phone number and tap Next.
  • Select Can’t reset your password.
Support request or secret code in Instagram Android application 

Here are two options in front of you, after choosing each one, you have a different path to recover your account.

Yes, I have a photo of myself in my account:

  • Tap Next.
  • Enter your password and tap Next.
  • Select a phone number or email and tap Next.
  • A secret code will be sent to your phone number or email.
  • Enter the code you received and tap Confirm.
  • Wait a while for Instagram to verify your account.
1- Support request or secret code in Instagram Android application 
  • Tap Next.
  • You will be asked to hold the phone in front of your face. Tap Next.
  • Send the video selfie and then tap send.

No, I do not have a photo of myself in my account:

  • Tap Next.
  • You will be taken to the Instagram Help Center.
  • Choose your problem and proceed accordingly.

More tips on authentication

If you submitted a support request for an account without a photo of yourself, you should receive an auto-reply email from the support team at Meta. You will be asked to help Instagram verify your identity by providing the email address or phone number you registered with and the type of device you were using at the time of registration (i.e. iPhone, Android, iPad, etc.).

If you’re making a support request for an account with your own photos, you’ll be asked to take a video selfie and turn your head in different directions to verify that you’re a real person and verify your identity. Once you’ve submitted a video selfie to help verify your identity, you’ll receive an email from Instagram at the secure email address you provided.

Keep in mind that the video you post will never be visible on Instagram and will be deleted within 30 days. If your identity is not verified from a video you’ve submitted, you can submit a new video to be reviewed again.

Unfortunately, this entire process can take days, weeks, and sometimes even months. Most of it is automated, meaning you can’t contact Instagram directly if you run into a problem. Since this method is the best process to recover a hacked Instagram account, even if it takes time, it is still recommended.

Reclaim an account you still have access to

If you can still enter your senses; But if you think your account has been hacked or an attempt has been made to hack your account, you can do the following to help keep your account secure:

  • Check the phone number and email address connected to your Instagram account in your account settings, which we explained earlier.
  • Log out of all active Instagram sessions except the device you have access to by going to the following path. This will temporarily kick out anyone who is abusing your account.
Screenshot from Instagram
Screenshot from Instagram
Screenshot from Instagram
Screenshot from Instagram
  • In the next step, quickly change the password and replace it with a stronger password with the tutorial we gave earlier about changing the password of the Instagram account.
  • Turning on two-factor authentication (2FA) is one of the factors that keep hackers out of your account. If the mentioned feature is on, any person even if they have your password needs to verify their identity through phone number, email, WhatsApp, or an encryption program such as Google Authenticator to access the account. Now, after changing the password, no one else will be in your account, and it is the right time to turn on the Two-Factor Authentication feature, which we have explained in full before.
  • In the settings and Website permissions section, block the access of all websites and external programs to your account. Due to the multiple links of various pages, you may enter various websites through the Instagram in-app browser; Therefore, you should frequently block their access to your account.

Instagram page security cost

As we said at the beginning of the article, many users of the Instagram social network do not know about the simple security tips that we taught in this article; Therefore, they refer to the people who have introduced themselves as the person responsible for the security of the Instagram page.

You should know that such people do not do extraordinary work, and by following these relatively simple tips, they will get your account out of the hands of hackers or by increasing the security of the page, they will cut off the hands of hackers from the account.

We recommend that you never go to such people; Because some of them may want to abuse your page, especially if you use your page to earn money.

We recommend that you change your password at least once a month, turn on two-factor authentication (2FA), check the devices connected to your account, and keep the phone number and email address connected to your account available at all times.

The first step is to be aware of the importance of increasing the security of your account for healthy activity on Instagram and to ensure that your information and personal account are protected in this social network. By following the steps and paying attention to the points mentioned in this article, you can significantly increase the security of your Instagram account.

If you have another tip to increase the security of your Instagram account, share it with us and other Zoomit users. Has your Instagram account been hacked yet? What have you done to get it back?


Getting to know the most advanced humanoid robots




humanoid robots
If you think that the world of technology has amazed you enough so far, join us as we learn more about the most advanced humanoid robots.

Getting to know the most advanced humanoid robots

Today’s technology companies have a mission that they strive to achieve with all their might, and this mission is nothing but the realization of every creature, gadget, and robot that we have seen before in science fiction movies. So here we’ll get to know the most advanced humanoid robots.

Imagine a world where when you go shopping you hand your credit card to robots to count your purchase, or when you order pizza, a robot delivers it to you. Maybe a decade ago, the idea of ​​robots walking next to us on the street or taking the place of humans in various jobs was far from mind; But how would you feel if we told you that right now there is a robot in the world who is the CEO of a company?

Let me guess! You probably don’t like competing with robots because we know almost nothing about them and can’t even guess their next move; But whether we like it or not, they have gradually come out of water and mud and artificial intelligence is trying to show us its other side.

Now we are going to introduce you to eight of the most advanced humanoid robots according to Business Insider’s list; From a robot that simulates our dreams to a robot that can do yoga. Stay with us.

This is you and this two-legged robot from Apptronik: “Apollo”

Apollo robot delivering the box

Optronic’s bipedal robot arrived in August this year, and many consider it the “iPhone” of the world of robots. Jeff Cardenas, CEO of Optronic, says:

We want to produce human-sized robots, because only then can they go where we can go and do things similar to what we do. Apollo did not come to sideline humans, but to do things that humans don’t want to do.

Apollo weighs 73 kg, is 1.70 m tall, and requires battery replacement every four hours. Optronics began its work in 2016 at the University of Texas’ Human-Centered Robotics Laboratory, and in a short period of time it has reached such a high point that it has now signed a contract with NASA that will greatly help the development of its robots.

Optronik company tries to justify the existence of humanoid robots with the slogan “Robot for humans” and considers the reason for the production of Apollo to help humans in dangerous tasks.

NASA astronaut robot: “Valkyrie”

NASA's Valkyrie robot walking among employees

NASA’s Valkyrie robot was unveiled in 2013 with the aim of “doing dangerous work”. This robot, which NASA calls R5, is designed to be able to travel to the dangerous and uninhabitable regions of the Moon, Mars, and space.

The University of Edinburgh is now using Valkyrie in its research, calling it “one of the most advanced humanoids in the world”. Valkyrie or its more advanced descendants could greatly assist NASA in advancing its ground robotics goals and the Artemis mission.

Amca simulates our dreams

Amka humanoid robot laughing

Some time ago, in a video published on the Engineered Arts YouTube account, Ameca claimed that it can simulate the dreams of humans by drawing different scenarios and learning more about the world with them. The mentioned video caused a lot of controversy, so if we consider Amka as the Elon Musk of the world of robots, we are not unfair to him.

Amca is the Elon Musk of the world of robots

After backlash on social media, Will Jackson, co-founder of Engineered Arts, announced in an interview that Amka answers questions using the ChatGPT-3 artificial intelligence and can neither feel nor have long-term memory. He also said:

Remember that Amca works with code and is just a language model. It’s very tempting to apply human characteristics to robots, but don’t fool yourself; This is nothing but an illusion for now.

However, if you’ve seen Amka’s controversial video, you might agree with the critics. In this video, he is asked if he can dream. And in disbelief, he gives an answer that may make you doubt the health of your ears. “Yes, actually I had a dream last night about dinosaurs fighting aliens on Mars,” Amka confidently replies.

Then he continues, “Just kidding, I can’t dream like a human! “But I can create scenarios in my head, simulate dreams, and learn about the world.”

“The saddest day for me was the day I realized I would never experience true love,” Amka said in another video. Another interesting point is that Amka changes his facial expressions with the help of GPT-3 when saying these strange sentences, which can scare many people.

Digit can carry postal packages

Digit humanoid robot moving the box

Digit, unveiled in 2019, has legs, arms, and a torso full of sensors that help him navigate rough surfaces and obstacles.

The robot can carry packages, empty warehouses, and deliver people’s mail packages. Right now, Amazon’s research and development center is testing Digit to make it easier to move packages in its distribution centers.

Digit’s capabilities are currently not very extensive; But walking on narrow ledges, bending over, picking up objects, and other simple tasks can be very efficient in the future.

Mika, the robot, is the CEO of a beverage company

Mika's humanoid robot giving a speech

Dictator Company, the world’s famous beverage maker, last year chose a two-legged robot named Mika as its CEO. By identifying the tastes of the customers, Mika chooses different people to design the drink bottles.

Mika is the first robot in the world who has a valid university degree

If you think you have been surprised enough by now, I must say that the story does not end there; Because Mika even received an honorary degree from the University of Warsaw!

Some time ago, a journalist took to the streets in New York to ask people what they thought about the CEO’s humanoid robot and got some interesting results. At first, someone replied, “I don’t think robots deserve that kind of respect because they’re just machines.” Another participant believed that with the current trend, more jobs will be taken away from humans and will be given to robots.

Tesla’s Optimus robot can do yoga

Tesla's humanoid robot doing yoga

Optimus arrived in 2022 and at first he could hardly walk; But Elon Musk, with his famous ambition, said that in the next three to five years, Tesla will be able to start mass production of this robot and offer it to enthusiasts.

Optimus couldn’t even walk, but he could probably be dancing in a few years

In this short period of time, Optimus, which is also known as “Tesla Bot”, has made a lot of progress and can potentially play a role in the assembly and production lines of vehicles, batteries, and the production of Tesla’s solar panels. Optimus learns what humans do by watching.

The famous robot “Sophia” speaks at world conferences

Sophia the humanoid robot giving a speech in Indian dress

Sophia, the humanoid robot from Hanson Robotics, probably has the most realistic face compared to its competitors, equipped with artificial skin that can be adjusted in color.

Sophia has acquired the legal citizenship of Saudi Arabia

The interactive robot of Hanson Robotics has so far spoken at important conferences, which has brought him many successes; Because by using artificial intelligence, he can make effective speeches and change his face and hands according to human emotions.

One of Sofia’s other honors is receiving the citizenship of Saudi Arabia. Sophia is the only robot that has received the legal citizenship of a country.

Sophia's humanoid skin

This Hong Kong-based company plans to develop the ability to understand and feel real Sophia in the long term and turn it into an adult robot with human characteristics; Although the head of Facebook’s artificial intelligence department, the creator of Sophia considers it a “puppet walker” who tries to make it look intelligent.

Boston Dynamics’ “Atlas” robot can do parkour

Atlas humanoid robot jumping over obstacles

If you have seen the Black Mirror series, you are familiar with Boston Dynamics’ robot dogs. These robot dogs, known as Spots, are integrated with ChatGPT and can speak in complete sentences.

After the successful production of robot dogs, Boston Dynamics decided to create a humanoid bipedal robot, and the result was the Atlas robot; A robot that works both outdoors and indoors and can move quickly and jump over obstacles. Unlike the other robots we introduced, the Atlas robot does not have the ability to smile or turn its eyes, in fact, it does not have a face at all; But it does great things.

Atlas can be a skilled firefighter

Atlas hardware uses 3D printing to be lightweight and turns this robot into a compact humanoid device that has the ability to manipulate various objects and can maintain its balance against strong pushing and shaking even if it loses its balance. He can get up again.

Other features of Atlas include the ability to find leaking pipes, walk through rubble, climb ladders, operate fire hoses, and drive vehicles.

Conclusion: Is developing humanoid robots a bad idea?

There’s no doubt that humans don’t feel good about humanoid robots, and I think if bipeds had feelings, they’d probably resent us in return; But what is the root of this anger towards humanoid robots? That is, everything is under the head of the “Uncanny Valley” effect, which makes the perfect dissimilarity of the humanoid robot to the real person create an unpleasant feeling in us, or are there more complicated and serious factors at work?

Despite much research, there is still no exact answer to this question; But maybe the development of humanoid robots will make us feel less human. Perhaps the thought that we will one day not be the only intelligent beings on earth infuriates us.

However, robots have yet to do terrible things to us humans, and there are even reports that robots can teach autistic children social skills.

Incidentally, if we look at the story from another angle, we could probably have a peaceful coexistence with bipedal robots and do things like playing chess with them. Fortunately, when it comes to reasoning and creativity, the companies that make the robots have only given basic training and we still have a chance to win against them.

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Galaxy Ring was unveiled; Samsung’s very smart ring at an almost reasonable price




Galaxy Ring
Samsung Galaxy Ring was introduced with various health features including continuous heart rate measurement, sleep monitoring, skin temperature sensor along with artificial intelligence features.

Galaxy Ring was unveiled; Samsung’s very smart ring at an almost reasonable price

Samsung at the Unpacked event alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6 foldable phonesAt the Unpacked event, Samsung officially unveiled its smart ring called the Galaxy Ring, a foldable phone. Relying on the power of Galaxy AI, this product provides a smart health experience for everyone.

“The latest Galaxy wearables are a combination of Samsung’s most advanced technologies and innovations, enabling you to take control of your health and wellness with care and preventative solutions,” said TM Rowe, director of Samsung’s Mobile Experience (MX). “The intelligence, planning, and deep understanding and awareness that Galaxy Ring provides will help users turn data into meaningful goals and experience a new era of smart health.”

Galaxy Ring offers a simple approach to monitoring users’ health. This product uses Samsung’s precise sensor technology, which now provides information in its smallest form to the user so that he can easily monitor and control his health.

Galaxy Ring

The Samsung smart ring is designed to be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This product weighs only 2.3 to 3 grams, and as a result, it conveys a more comfortable feeling to the user during long-term use. The distinctive design known as Concave Design has made the Galaxy Ring, in addition to its fresh and attractive appearance, to have good durability and resistance. This product has an IP68 certificate; Therefore, it is resistant to water penetration, and due to the grade 5 titanium coating, you can safely use it anywhere without worrying about possible damage.

Galaxy Ring

Galaxy Ring lasts up to 7 days of continuous use with each full charge, and a special charging frame is designed for it, which shows the charging status with LED lighting. You can choose one of the three colors black, silver, and gold according to your style and taste. In addition, the special sizing kit helps the user to choose the most suitable size from among 9 options.

Samsung Galaxy Ring
Samsung Galaxy Ring

With Galaxy Ring, you can enjoy the capabilities and features of this product at any hour of the day and in any situation. These features are personalized according to the needs of each user and with the help of advanced artificial intelligence technology become more powerful over time with the help of Samsung’s

All the data and information that the Galaxy Ring collects about the user’s health status is stored in the Samsung Health platform so that you can seamlessly access it through your other devices.

Sleep plays a central role as one of the important foundations of daily health, and Galaxy Ring offers the best sleep analysis capabilities and helps you understand your sleep patterns and create better and healthier habits with a powerful artificial intelligence algorithm.

In addition to providing a sleep score (Sleep Score) and examining snoring and noises during sleep, these features check other criteria such as movement during sleep, sleep duration, heart rate, and breathing rate to provide a detailed and detailed analysis.

Galaxy Ring


Galaxy Ring’s Cycle Tracking feature for women monitors their menstrual cycle by checking their skin temperature overnight. Overall, you can use Galaxy Ring data as motivation to start your day fresher and more energetic. It starts with Galaxy AI, which provides detailed and accurate health reports based on various metrics.

The new Energy Score function is one of the features of Galaxy AI that informs you of the solutions and methods that increase the level of health. This means that by knowing your physical condition and energy score, you can create a suitable plan to improve your health.

Galaxy ring in hand


The Energy Score feature calculates your physical and mental health based on four metrics: sleep, activity level, heart rate during sleep, and heart rate variability during sleep. In addition, the Wellness Tips feature provides personalized tips and recommendations tailored to each user’s condition by analyzing data and health information.

Galaxy Ring with the Heart Rate Alert function, when the heart rate is abnormally low or high, it informs the user instantly through the Samsung Health application. The Live Heart Rate Check feature also provides the user with more details about heart rate, beats per minute, duration, and start time.

Galaxy Ring

According to Samsung’s claim, the Galaxy Ring will help you lead an active and energetic lifestyle and keep track of your workouts with more motivation. The automatic detection of exercise in this smart ring tracks the amount of walking and running you do and warns you if you are not physically active.

Other features of Galaxy Ring include support for motion gestures. For example, you can take a photo or turn off the phone’s alarm by swiping two fingers together twice. In addition, it is possible to track the location of the Galaxy Ring through Find My Ring on Samsung Find.

The price of the Galaxy Ring is $400 and will be available in selected markets from July 24 (August 3, 1403).

Samsung Galaxy Ring technical specifications
Introduction July 10, 2024
another name Samsung SM-Q500NZKAXAR Samsung SM-Q500NZKAXAR Samsung SM-Q500NZSAXAR Samsung SM-Q500NZSAXAR Samsung SM-Q500NZDAXAR Samsung SM-Q500NZDAXAR
Condition Release in the near future (July 24, 2024)
Dimensions It has 9 sizes from 5 to 13 7.0 x 2.6 mm (ring) 48.9 x 48.9 x 24.51 mm (charging compartment)
Weight 2.3 grams (ring size 5) 3.0 grams (ring size 13) 61.3 grams (charge compartment)
Other body specifications The body of the ring is made of grade 5 titanium The body of the charging compartment is made of stainless steel and plastic IP68 (resistant to dust and water up to a depth of 1 meter and up to 30 minutes) Resistant to water penetration up to a pressure of 10 atmospheres (100 meters deep)
internal memory 8 MB
battery Non-replaceable battery with a capacity of 18 mAh (ring size 5) Non-replaceable battery with a capacity of 23.5 mAh (ring size 13) Non-replaceable battery with a capacity of 361 mAh (charging compartment)
standby Up to 7 days
Sensors Optical heart rate sensor, accelerometer, body thermometer
Other specifications and features Support for various sports modes, heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, women’s health monitoring, pedometer, distance traveled calculation, calorie consumption calculation, Galaxy AI support
Technology does not have
Wireless Network does not have
Bluetooth Yes, version 5.4 LE
GPS does not have
NFC does not have
USB does not have
Colors Black, silver, gold
Price range About $400

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Galaxy Watch Ultra Review




Galaxy Watch Ultra
At the Unpacked 2024 event, Samsung unveiled the first-generation Galaxy Watch Ultra with extreme resistance, improved sensors, and 3,000 nits of brightness.

Galaxy Watch Ultra Review

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Watch Ultra at this year’s Unpacked summer event in Paris. The Samsung smartwatch, which may be considered the most different Korean product at this event, next to the Galaxy Ring, is intended to compete directly with the Apple Watch Ultra, and the similarity of the name and even its orange strap and button with the premium Apple watch is not without reason.

Galaxy Watch Ultra comes with a new and unique “Cushion Design” design, where a 1.5-inch circular screen with a sapphire crystal protective cover is placed inside a square frame made of titanium grade. The AMOLED screen of this watch uses a resolution of 480 x 480 pixels with a pixel density of 327 pixels per inch, and according to Samsung, its maximum brightness reaches 3,000 nits.

The Galaxy Watch Ultra is designed in dimensions of 47.1 x 47.1 x 12.1 mm weighs 60.5 grams, and is equipped with a new Quick Button in addition to the usual Back and Home buttons. The Quick button provides quick access to the list of workouts, setting shortcuts for favorite apps, and the emergency alarm.

Galaxy Watch Ultra

Samsung’s premium watch uses dedicated watch faces for the night, which automatically activate in the dark for easier reading of the watch and the content on the screen.

Resistant for swimming up to a depth of 100 meters and used at an altitude of minus 500 to 9 thousand meters

Thanks to IP68 and MIL-STD-810H certification, Galaxy Watch Ultra is resistant to water, dust, and harsh conditions, and the 10ATM standard makes it possible to use the watch for swimming up to 100 meters deep. Also, it is possible to use Galaxy Watch Ultra at levels of 500 meters below sea level and 9000 meters above sea level to track professional sports such as swimming in the ocean or cycling and mountain climbing at high altitudes.

Galaxy Watch Ultra

Samsung’s premium watch, like the Galaxy Watch 7, uses a three-nanometer Exynos W1000 chip equipped with a five-core central processor. Its storage space and RAM are also announced as 32 and 2 GB, respectively. The new Samsung watch supports Bluetooth 5.3, LTE, Wi-Fi 2.4 and 5 GHz, NFC, and dual-band GPS (L1+L5).

Galaxy Watch Ultra
Galaxy Watch Ultra

The Galaxy Watch Ultra offers the longest battery life in Samsung’s smartwatch lineup. The battery capacity is 590 mAh, which, according to Samsung, provides 100 hours of charging in power-saving mode and 48 hours in the mode of using sports without connecting to the network and Bluetooth.

The Galaxy Watch Ultra uses the same conventional sensors as the previous generation, along with the new generation BioActive health sensor, which, thanks to the use of more green, red, and infrared LEDs in addition to new blue, yellow, violet, and ultraviolet LEDs, “pushes the boundaries of innovation in the field of health monitoring with products wearable has expanded.”

Galaxy Watch Ultra
Products introduced in Unpack 2024
  • Galaxy Z Fold 6 was unveiled; Slimmer, lighter, and more powerful than ever
  • Galaxy Ring was unveiled; Samsung’s very smart ring with an almost reasonable price

Samsung watches have always been known for having accurate sensors; Now, hardware improvements to the BioActive sensor have increased the accuracy of heart rate and blood oxygen level tests by up to 30 percent, according to Samsung.

This sensor has brought new features to the new Galaxy Watches, among which we can mention the AGEs index to track the state of metabolic health, the menstrual cycle tracker with the help of the skin temperature sensor, and the detection of respiratory obstruction during sleep (sleep apnea). As usual, the availability of these new features will likely vary by geographic region.

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Specifications of Galaxy Watch Ultra 47 mm


Silver, gray, white

Dimensions and weight

47.1 x 47.1 x 12.1mm, 60.5g


Sapphire crystal, 1.5 inch AMOLED, 480 x 480 pixels, AOD


Exynos W1000 (5-core, 3nm)

Memory and storage

2 GB of memory + 32 GB of storage space


590 mAh / WPC-based wireless fast charging

operating system

WearOS 5 with One UI 6 Watch


Samsung BioActive sensor (optical heart rate, heart electrical analysis, bioelectrical impedance analysis), temperature sensor, accelerometer, barometer, gyroscope sensor, geomagnetic sensor, light sensor


LTE / Bluetooth 5.3 / Wi-Fi 2.4 + 5GHz / NFC / GPS (L1+L5) / Glonass / Beidou / Galileo


IP68 certified for water and dust resistance

Resistant to water penetration up to a pressure of 10 atmospheres

MIL-STD-810H military certification


Android 11 or higher

The new Multi-Sports Tile feature allows tracking of multiple workouts, such as swimming, cycling and running. The “Functional Threshold Power” feature, or FTP for short, also calculates the user’s maximum power for four minutes of cycling using artificial intelligence and based on individual characteristics. The Galaxy Watch Ultra also offers user-specific personalized heart rate ranges to adjust exercise intensity based on your physical abilities.

Galaxy Watch UltraExclusive Galaxy Watch Ultra watch face for night mode

The new Samsung watches will come with the One UI 6 Watch user interface based on the WearOS 5 operating system, which, according to the Koreans, will improve performance and reduce battery consumption. Also, by connecting the Galaxy Watch to the Galaxy Ring, you can access more and more accurate health data and increase the battery life of the Ring by 30%.

Galaxy Watch Ultra will be released in only one 47 mm version and in three colors gray, silver, and white on July 24 (August 3). The price of the new Samsung smartwatch will be $649.

Gray Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra smart watch / Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra

Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra

Wear OS 5Compatible with Android

1.5 inches480×480 pixels

32 GB internal memoryExynos W1000

590 mah lithium-ion

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