The best mobile applications to increase productivity

X-plore is the ultimate in the best mobile productivity apps, a two-page file explorer that displays two folders at once and lets you quickly copy and move from one page to another. The highlight of the file manager is its highly customizable interface.

The app also graphically provides a disk map view of your phone’s entire drive and allows each file to be sorted by size, so you can check what’s taking up the most drive space. It supports viewing and managing files on SD card, USB OTG and cloud storage like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.

File management features of this program include viewing, renaming, sharing, copying, hiding and compressing files. You can also transfer files between devices using LAN, FTP, SSH, Wi-Fi and DLNA through the app.

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Be productive and efficient with these mobile applications

By using the productivity apps mentioned above, you can be more efficient and organized in completing your projects and achieving your goals. These programs can help you break down your chaotic daily plans into more realistic and achievable goals.

Once you get your priorities in order and create a manageable schedule, keeping up with your productivity plans will be much easier. With the recent introduction of AI-powered tools and apps, you can check out more productivity apps that support AI technology.