The last option of the best standalone music apps for Wear OS is the SoudCloud app. If you’re into independent music and upcoming artists, SoundCloud is your best bet for finding quality tracks and DJ mixes. You can use this streaming service on all major operating systems including Wear OS.

You can customize your playlists on your phone and access them on your Wear OS smartwatch after installing the app from the Play Store. To set it up for the first time, launch SoundCloud from your watch’s Apps screen and  tap  Connect on Phone , or connect on Web — whichever is convenient for you.

If your phone is paired with your watch, you’ll be asked to provide your login details on your phone. Once everything is set up, you can start playing SoundCloud directly from your smartwatch.

Download: SoundCloud (free, subscription available)

How to install these music streaming apps on your watch

You can install any app on Wear OS in one of two ways—by installing side-loaded APK files , or by installing the  Play Store app on your watch or phone. However, the music streaming apps we’ve covered are all available in the Store, so you won’t need to sideload them.

Play music on the go from your smart watch

Having access to your music library on the watch is especially useful when you’re exercising or running, where it can be difficult to carry your phone. Working with just your watch independently eliminates the risk of dropping and damaging your phone during exercise.

Wear OS music apps are notably absent from our list of music streaming apps, Apple Music, Pandora, and Tidal. Pandora was previously available on Wear OS but was discontinued. However, these three titles are available as standalone apps on Apple Watch.