Location Changer is the ultimate choice of the best fake location apps for Android is a great app because it has a complete set of advanced location fake features. You can use multi-point spoofing, which means you can drop multiple points on the map and make it look like you’re walking between landmarks in a certain location, for example.

You also get a handy joystick controller, which is a great option for LBS (location-based services) games like Pokémon Go, Orna RPG or Parallel Worlds.

The control system should also be very familiar to you. It works like Google Maps, so (for example) pressing and holding your thumb or finger on the map will drop a location pin. From here you can drop and link others, then set your app to fake your GPS location!

Download link: Location Changer

Fake your location with these fake GPS apps

Now, spoofing your location should be easy and you can travel the world without leaving your armchair. Apps like this are (generally) great for cheating LBS games like Pokémon Go and Ingress Prime. Plus, if you want to prank your friends, you can; Just fake your location and then share your live location on WhatsApp…