AMOLED cuts out individual pixels that are supposed to appear black, creating a true black in the absence of light. LCDs, on the other hand, have a backlight that is always on, making black areas appear dark gray. This is a very clear litmus test that you can use to tell the two technologies apart.

Once zoomed in, view the test image from all angles and check that the colors are vivid. Compared to LCD displays, AMOLED displays have a very sharp contrast between colors.

Additionally, LCD displays typically experience discoloration or drying out when viewed from extreme angles, while AMOLED displays generally maintain color accuracy and contrast regardless of viewing angle.

You can create demo images using any free image editor like Canva or Pixlr E. Create a new image and set the background color to black – hex code #000000. Next, create a white square – hex code #FFFFFF – in the center of the image. Once the test image is ready, save it as a PNG file so that it retains its original quality and appearance.

Screen review: AMOLED or LCD?

With so many different types of devices available today, it’s important to know which one works best for your lifestyle. Fortunately, determining whether your phone has an AMOLED or LCD display is easy!