If you don’t feel confident enough to keep up with these storage maintenance tasks, you can let Android do some of the work for you. Not all phones have this feature, as Files by Google’s Smart Storage does a similar thing, but it can be useful if it’s available. Search for “Storage Manager” in the settings menu to check its availability.

If you have this feature, put the switch next to Storage manager to the on position. If you tap Storage manager , you can customize this feature, including how long you can hold onto your deleted photos and videos before the local copy is automatically deleted. This customization makes it more useful than the Smart Storage feature in Files by Google.

Storage maintenance can also improve performance

We’ve discussed that you need storage space to store data like photos and videos. This is quite clear. But did you know that if your Android phone runs out of memory, it can start to slow down and in some cases heat up? That’s why it’s something you shouldn’t ignore.

If you want to automate most of the tasks we mentioned, you can try one of the Android cleaner apps that actually work. You may not have as much control over what you delete with these programs as with the methods we’ve listed, but the process will be much faster.