In this part of how dangerous smartphone ransomware is, it should be said that a lot of data including apps, contacts, photos, emails, saved passwords and other things are stored in our smartphones. This makes smartphones a prime target for cybercriminals, which is why we are seeing an increase in malware infections on these devices.

Spyware, adware, viruses, and ransomware have all been used to infect smartphones and steal data, be it payment information, text messages, or even browser activity.

Even if you comply with the attacker’s demands and regain control of your smartphone, there’s no way to know if they stole any specific data during the infection. Of course, ransomware attackers aren’t very ethical, so it’s certainly not out of the question to hit the road with a ransom payment along with other lucrative data.

Signs of smartphone ransomware

In the next part of the topic of how dangerous smartphone ransomware is, unlike many other forms of malware, ransomware operators usually want to be noticed by their victims. This is because the attackers demand a ransom from the victim to regain control of their device along with their files.

Ransomware operators tend to warn you that your device is infected on the home screen, such as a laptop desktop. On your phone, your lock screen or home screen can change its wallpaper to let you know you’re the target of a ransomware attack. Operators usually list their requirements in this notice, as well as the time you must comply with before stealing or releasing encrypted or stolen data.

However, some mobile ransomware are used to steal data without detection. In such a scenario, your sensitive information may be accessed and stolen without your knowledge. This isn’t typical for ransomware, hence the name, but it’s certainly possible. Check out our malware symptoms guide for other red flags that may indicate your device has been targeted.

There are online decryption tools for many ransomware, especially those that are simpler in design. On the other hand, if the ransomware doesn’t lock your phone and appears as a malicious app , make sure to remove that app immediately.

Smartphone ransomware is a very real threat

While you may think you’ll never become a ransomware target, almost anyone can fall victim to such an attack. While prominent individuals and organizations are often targeted by ransomware operators, there is nothing stopping a cybercriminal from targeting your device.